Interesting Facts about Polar Bears

Polar bear swimming

►Polar bears are large.  Adult males weigh 750 - 1500 pounds, an average weight is about 900 pounds.  Females are much smaller than males and average between 350-500 pounds.

►Polar bears have adapted to their frigid cold range with a thick layer of blubber.  It may be up to 4 inches in thickness.  This insulation has a downside, however, polar bears overheat quickly when running across land.

Black Bear Pictures and Photos

Black bears are beautiful and interesting creatures found throughout North America.  They are curious and photogenic and a favorite subject of wildlife photographers. Below are some of our favorite black bear photos.

A young black bear looking to climb a tree.  Black bears are excellent climbers, going up trees in search of food like nuts, bird eggs, and honey.  
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Top Ten Black Bear Facts

Black Bear fishing in Alaska


1. The American black bear is the most common species of bear in the world.

2.  Two-thirds of all bears on the planet are black bears.

3.  The scientific name of the black bear is Ursus americanus, and there are 16 sub-species, such as the California black bear and the Florida black bear.

4. The American black bear's range is Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  There are more than one million black bears in this range.